February 13, 2023

February meeting 2023

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 14:08

Via conference call:

Not present:

PSC member changes

Recent Oskari development

Initial theme support:

Base HTML rewrite:

Software updates


Discussion about updating Flyway to support more recent PostgreSQL versions approved. After updating Oskari will require PostgreSQL 11+ (https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-server/pull/915).

Node JS

We will be updating Node JS required version to 16 in the near future.


Currently Oskari requires Java 8 for builds. No compile errors with Java 11, but annotated classes don’t work if built with 11. Discussion if we should update minimum required version to 17 instead of 11 so we could use the language features enabled by newer version.

Sami sends a query to mailing list for additional input on the matter and this will be discussed on the next meeting.

Oskari.org documentation

Discussed the possibility to move technical documentation from oskari-docs/oskari.org to GitHub in the source repositories (oskari-frontend/oskari-server). Some of the docs like frontend bundles etc are already there, but we can provide a better UI to see these when generating the docs to oskari.org site. This is related to work towards rewriting/re-structuring the oskari.org site.


Roadmap items: https://github.com/oskariorg/oskari-docs/labels/roadmap

Some fairly old ones listed. Discussed about having a “waiting for resources” label on roadmap items that are interesting but have not progressed. Better to just add a comment about current thoughts and status on them.

Updated current status for:

Next meeting

Next meeting: in April, a doodle poll will be sent by Sami

End of meeting: 15:05