April 09, 2019

May meeting 2019

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 13:05

Via conference call:

Not present:

Last meeting topics and follow-up

Red-hat packages scripts available if somebody needs them (Timo)

Docker-image experiments (Jussi not present).

Support for WFS 3.0 - still ongoing work, support coming to new tool (Sami).

Oskari Community Day went well - nice to see everybody and we planned ideas for new UI for Oskari (Sanna).

News from the members

Marko Kuosmanen:




Marko Kauppi:


New roadmap issues

UI development plan

In Oskari Community day a scheme for developing Oskari UI was drafted https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OnZCWQvEljtWZYm-4gWMkO4OpZviFp_Gx6ZeEMYM5r8/edit. It is still very preliminary and needs work. The idea is to bring Oskari to the 2020s in both appearance and functionalities. These issues have to be taken into account:

We have to discuss this more at Joint Development Forum and in next PSC meetings and have a session with the developers to come up with a good quality plan. Planning and fund raising is done during 2019, actual development could start in 2020.

Other issues

Next meeting

Next meeting: 11.6.2019, scheduled now every month, every second week tuesday at 13:00 (GMT+3)

End of meeting: 13:55