April 09, 2019

June meeting 2019

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 13:03

Via conference call:

Not present:

Last meeting topics and follow-up

WFS 3.0 support was released in 1.52 with the new WFS backend that will replace “transport” webapp and is available for testing

UI-development plan

Translations in Icelandic language

New release

1.52 version was released recently and 1.53 comming in August-September

News from the members

Marko Kuosmanen:

Server-side code is being refactored to use XMLStreamWriter instead of StringBuilder to get rid of some TODOs in the codebase. Frontend is being modified to allow multiple features to be edited at once (the properties of features, not geometry). PR is coming and Sami reminded that small PRs are easier to check and approve than a big code dump with multiple changes.





New roadmap issues

Other issues

Next meeting

Next meeting: 13.8.2019, scheduled now every month, every second week tuesday at 13:00 (GMT+3)

End of meeting: 13:43