December 11, 2018

December meeting 2018

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 13:07

Via conference call:

Not present:

Last meeting topics and follow-up

Download basket: updates & requests for downloading under research

Turku University of Applied Science students have made usability research on Oskari ( maps, Paikkatietoikkuna / Statistics Finland needs and documentation). Documentation from the projects have been sent to the responsible parties, Sanna can do a summary of them in English.

Discussion about when to take new Oskari version in use and instructions for updating community bundles. LTR-thinking needs funding - who is responsible? New release is updated always in Paikkatietoikkuna, Elf & ArcticSDI, but e.g. Tampere has still a year old version. Documentation / instructions: newest release is always the best (Sanna willl add this to the community-pages)

Oskari website & documentation development plan

Liiteri ESRI Rest support development ⇒ GitHub (Kuosmanen asks Olli)

New roadmap items

Not at this moment

News from the members

New Oskari release available 1.49, 1.50 is being released probably this week (library updates & Jetty). 1.51 milestones are available in GitHub.

5000€ for website development is being allocated in the next year by JDF (Joint Development Forum)

Statistics Finland Oskari instance is being updated to newest version soon maps roadmap is under way

Next meeting

Next meeting: 8.1.2019, scheduled now every month, every second week tuesday at 13:00 (GMT+3)

End of meeting: 13:32