September 11, 2018

September meeting 2018

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 15:10

Present via conference call:

Not present:

New roadmap items

Following roadmap items have been provided for the PSC before hand in PSC-channel in Rocketchat a few weeks back. They have already received up-votes in GitHub.

Update Jetty version:

Initial vector tile support:

Timeseries support:

Frontend stack modernization:

All roadmap items above were approved.


Layer permissions handling change

Reminder: Oskari developer summit coming up

Please sign in: The event will be held in Helsinki on 25.9.2018 and Oskari roadmap for the future is drafted there.

Discussion channels

There has not been activity on Slack - any reason for this?

It was decided to vote what instant messaging channel should be used:

Other issues

Marko Kauppi has started to work at Ubigu Ltd full time, transition period with city of Tampere still on the way regarding Oskari maintenance

NLS-IS: There has been lot of changes in metadata (GeoNetwork), new applications coming up, but not much Oskari related stuff happening this year

NLS-FI: new release coming just around the corner, maybe next week. Vector tile support will be in the job list after that.

Helsinki: Jussi said that City of Helsinki has now been consentrating on metadata issues and they will now be automatically updated to national metadataservice, after that maybe some Oskari handling. Discussed a little bit about Ckan-Oskari compatibility and that there is a need for test how Oskari can handle interfaces from Ckan. Sanna will continue chatting with this issue with Jussi via email-list. This is something that interesets those who have dataportal and Oskari instance, like for instance.

Next meeting

Next meeting: 9.10.2018, scheduled now every month, every second week tuesday at 15:00 (GMT+3)

End of meeting: 15:56