August 14, 2018

August meeting 2018

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting at 15:08

Via conference call:

Not present:

New roadmap items

No new isssues to approve at the meeting

3D-mapmodule is being implemented and tested with buildings from Finnish national map database and terrain model. This is not yet part of the official Oskari but is built on top of Oskari using a customized mapmodule for OL-Cesium (

Vector tile support coming up (NLS FI) - Sami adds this to GitHub after meeting

Time series for thematic maps - Sami adds this after GitHub meeting

POC: New build script

Jetty 9 migration is being implemented which will change the packaging of the Oskari download a bit. Jetty code will be more separate from Oskari. This means that server settings should be updated and documentation should be revised accordingly. - Sami adds this as roadmap item to GitHub after meeting

Improving documentation

Improvement process is going on inside NLS & Joint Development Forum

What are the most important things to correct webpage renewal process is going on - autumn 2018 planning, spring 2019 implementation

Oskari developer summit programme

Meeting is to be held in Helsinki on 25th of September ( The goal is to gather ideas for future Oskari.

Target group: developers and project managers Issues for the discussion:

OSGeo Incubation status discussion

Openness and community should be addressed more

Mentor did not yet recommend the graduation based on seemingly low community involvement

Thus the Oskari mailing list should be used more

Discussion about the different uses of current lists:

Other issues

Next meeting

Next meeting: 11.9.2018, scheduled now every month, every second week tuesday at 15:00 (GMT+3)

End of meeting: 16:05