April 06, 2017

April meeting 2017

The PSC gathered to discuss the following agenda:

Opening the meeting


Via conference call:

Not present:

Development process

Quick review of the updated documents:

The review part is mostly copied from the GeoServer project. It will evolve once we gain more experience on the subject.

It was noted that we need to be clear how to handle backwards incompatible changes. We need to have documentation about this on oskari.org.

For the frontend the “public” API that should remain compatible or any changes need to be documented are:

For bundles:

For backend at least:

Oskari Improvement Proposal (OIP)

An OIP is needed when some fundamental functionality changes. An OIP is not needed for new functionality or functionality built on existing code.

Examples for OIPs:

Examples not requiring OIP:


All current roadmap items in GitHub was reviewed and accepted.

A new label was added: “proposal”. All new roadmap items will be first tagged with the proposal label in addition to roadmap label. Once the item is accepted the proposal label is removed. This means that the official roadmap is issues with only the roadmap label.

Waffle.io/GitHub projects

It was agreed that currently we don’t really need either.

The decision to use additional tools for managing issues was postponed. Once we have a proper use case and need for additional tools we can continue the discussion.

Other topics

We should have some responsible and well defined way to deal with and communicate about possible security issues/vulnerabilities. Also possibility to report security issues in a way that is not completely public.