August 23, 2023

The Oskari map service was featured at the international FOSS4G event

FOSS4G event is the world’s largest gathering of open-source geospatial users, developers and researchers. The event showcased Oskari’s improvements to existing functionalities and new features introduced during the last year.

In June, geospatial specialists from around the world came together again for the annual FOSS4G event. This year the event took place from 26 June - 2 July 2023 in Prizren, Kosovo.

FOSS4G (meaning Free and Open-Source Software for Geospatial) brought together again developers, users, decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation.

The Oskari mapping service had a strong presence at the event. The presentations, which attracted an international audience, showcased, among other things, the development of Oskari over the past year.

Sami Mäkinen from National Land Survey of Finland presented Oskari and its improvements to existing functionalities and new features introduced during the last year. In his presentation, Sami went through Oskari’s theme support, the UI rewrite progress and cloud compatibility improvements.

Oskari was also demonstrated in the presentation by Arto Sinkkonen from National Land Survey of Finland. Arto described with examples, how the Oskari platform and its features have been used to implement the service.

Arto presented the reasons why Oskari has proven to be the best solution for the map service. Oskari’s benefits include, for example, its divided responsibility for organizations, low learning curve, low costs. In his presentation, Arto also talked about how Oskari supports open standards and data.

Timo Aarnio from Gispo Ltd also had a presentation about Oskari that demonstrated using embedded maps from Oskari and building different kinds of applications using the maps and controlling the map using the RPC API from the embedding page.

Links to the presentations: