August 23, 2023

The Oskari community came together for Oskari Day 5.6.2023

Community is a core value of Oskari. Everyone is welcome to participate in the development of Oskari. The Oskari community came together in June to network and share their learnings and ideas on Oskari Day.

The Oskari Community is a growing group of organisations, individuals and developers who are combining their interests to improve and develop the Oskari software. Members of the Oskari community openly share their skills and knowledge with each other and develop Oskari together.

Communication between the network is mostly virtual, but live meetings are also organised.

The Oskari community gathered in June for the annual Oskari Day in Pasila, Helsinki. The programme included free discussion, networking and exchange of experiences.

Oskari is an important tool for the City of Tampere

The Network Day included presentations on how different community organisations use Oskari. Jussi Tahvanainen shared the experiences of the City of Tampere and showed the participants an illustrative example of the functionality of the map service in practice.

The City of Tampere is one of the most long-term users of Oskari. The City of Tampere Map Service, based on Oskari, is a public view of the information the city provides to its citizens, but Oskari is also used internally by city officials. The use of Oskari has therefore spread widely across different departments in the city. Oskari is an important tool for many departments.

In total, the City of Tampere has around 1200 different map layers, of which 700 are public.

Southwestern Finland map service provides regional information on Southwest Finland

Lounaistieto, the regional information service for south-west Finland, has also been using Oskar for several years. The map service hosts various geospatial datasets for the region of Southwest Finland.

The map service allows users to view, for example, cycle paths in the area or the location of ancient monuments.

Network members contributed to the website and branding redesign

In addition to practical Oskari examples, the day also included a presentation by Sami Mäkinen from the National Land Survey of Finland, who explained and demonstrated updates to the latest version of Oskari.

The Oskari Day also included a presentation by Sitowise on the website and branding overhaul currently underway. The Oskari website will be redesigned to better serve users. During the Oskari Day, network members were given the opportunity to give feedback and comments on the website redesign. Network members were also invited to participate in a survey to identify Oskari’s key brand messages and visual identity.