September 19, 2019

3D and Oskari

3D possibilities for Oskari are being developed in the National Land Survey of Finland. The need to show e.g. building data in 3D has been a growing trend but now also the national topographic database is to support 3D objects. The project started 2018 and the aim is to develop 3D support as part of Oskari. This enables usage of 3D features in any map applications based on the software.

Hanna Visuri, application specialist from NLS-FI tells us more about the project:

“The National Land Survey of Finland is producing a uniform 3D dataset from the whole country and has started a project to enable the visualization of the 3D data in administrative map applications.”

Production level support for 3D will be included in a December 2019 release, but an example of the Oskari-based 3D map can already be seen in the National Geoportal development environment.

Cesium and 3D Tiles

“Oskari uses CesiumJS for 3D map rendering and 3D Tiles for streaming and rendering 3D geospatial data including buildings, point clouds and digital elevation models,” Visuri explains.

“Oskari enables reviewing the imported 3D data against any map layer available via standard interfaces such as Web Feature Service and Web Map Service. It will also enable displaying property information of buildings, rule-based rendering and as the most important feature: offering embedded maps containing 3D spatial data,” she continues.

The 3D project has started already in 2018 and the aim is to pilot the 3D possibilities in Oskari, re-fracture the code to more general format and create admin side tools for 3D data. At the moment it is already possible to test the new features with certain 3D datasets from WFS interfaces from cities of Helsinki and Tampere.

How would you use 3D data in Oskari and what are the needs from the Oskari Community? Let us know!